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Invited to Nepal as Artists in Residence at the Marpha Foundation, "Shape of the Earth" developed over a month in late 2014, responding to the living conditions of the small Himalayan village. The geometric forms, derived from the shapes of falling bodies, were carried around the village and open landscape, and the resulting images form a narrative that is both a love story and a creation myth.

The project, made with Paige Phillips, includes two sculptures, performance documentation, and a children’s book. It was first exhibited in Kathmandu in May 2015, almost exactly one month after a string of earthquakes began to shake the country. With other pieces conceived before these events, we brought this work under the title "To Gather Together Again," and made as much space as possible for themes of love, loss, memory, and mentions of earth shaping events to take on new meaning.

@ Park Gallery
Marpha Foundation
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