Works > Lying on the Ground

From 2010- 2012, the entire time that I had a dedicated studio space, I swept up the detritus, dust, and left overs from other projects (but also eating, accidents, etc.) into lines. While perhaps mimicking floor boards of a home or a stage, more than anything it became a history of that room, written with material traces of events that took place there.

Before moving out and sweeping up, a final event took place on this prepared ground, documented only by still photographs. Six black and white photographs of the event and color photographs of the ground before and after were compiled into a printed bulletin.

Over the course of two days, in a performance called "Lying on the Ground (reading dust)," I spent 8 hours recollecting and recovering memories out loud from the lines of dust in the photographs in order to make them available to the audience sitting behind me. With all of us facing a brick wall, visitors were able to move in and out of the reading, while permitting a sort of anonymous intimacy.