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"Witness the meandering path of two wanderers traveling through Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Maryland, as they lead their ram to New York City to be slaughtered.

The ram is a 2001 Dodge Caravan, passed down through the family. It has lost its power steering, its other parts are failing- its must be sold, and dispersed into other bodies – it must be sold for meat to keep their wandering legs moving! Witness the Caravan turned into a traveling cinema event!

For one night only – see a double projection film – Two projectors running two films showing two figures. Recorded in the night with the vans high beams to light the scene.

The key to the journey is energy. Energy to keep moving. The car battery is the epicenter. It is charged by the bricks on the gas, and drained by the film projectors. The closed system is set into motion by a delicate balance of power. The film lasts as long as the circumference of the car. It moves at the speed of the weight of the bricks. The wanders are stuck in perpetual circuit. Are they a vaudevillian traveling show, nomadic herders chasing the seasons, a gypsy caravan, a trade caravan or a punk rock east coast tour? "

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