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(objects in) Low Earth Orbit (or a feeling will bring you through it) is a collection of found objects, a performance, and installation. The collection consists of 5 objects which I had an immense emotional response to upon finding them over a period of 5 years. They seemed to express something very personal to me - coincidentally, accidentally -even though they had not been intentionally created by anyone. So the work is to try to perpetuate this feeling; to pass it on. Boxes were found or made for each one, so that they could be stored and opened up for modular display.

For this show, it was carried in closed configuration for five miles from my studio to the gallery, and then carried around the down town area at various unannounced times. The chair that is used as a backpack to carry the boxes on is then used as a chair as if for a booth attendant when the objects are on display.

excerpt from performance event at Urban Arts Space, Columbus OH, 2012